Created by Linh Valerie Pham
Puppets and Projection Design by Linh Valerie Pham
"... unspoken stories about the Vietnamese Famine of 1945 during the Japanese Occupation of French Indochina. Through a mix of puppetry, shadow play, projection, and poetry, we investigate a time in history when the promise of death deforms life, when hunger strips away dignity, and desperation corrupts humanity." 
Original Idea Conceived by Linh Pham and Leah Ogawa
Venue The Factory Contemporary Arts Center, HCM City - 2019
Performed by Tam An Nhien, Hyang Chu, Linh Valerie Pham
Live Music by Ly Trang 
Puppetry/ Light/ Projection Design by Linh Valerie Pham 
Pesta Boneka #6 - International Puppetry Festival Hosted by Papermoon Puppet Theatre - 2018
Performed by Linh Valerie Pham, Tam An Nhien, Hyang Chu
Live Music by Bryan Wilson

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