*The literal translation of  Mắt Trần  means the "naked eyes", referring to the eyes of an ordinary person, made of flesh and blood, and without any special ability such as X-ray vision or optic force blasts.
We are a young collective based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Founded with the belief that art is for everyone, our mission is to pursue a vision of inclusive performing arts by creating a contemporary storytelling language with movement, puppetry and breath. Our creations are meant to be enjoyed by the naked eyes - without the constraints of class, space or ability. 
All of our activities are designed to break down barriers, to bring people together and generate conversations within the community. We have collaborated with numerous local NGOs, NPOs, initiating art- based projects with communities who have restricted access to the arts, including but not limited to those of ethnic minorities and different abilities. As an Ensemble, we devise live performances to tell stories that are both artistically exciting and socially relevant. We have taken our works internationally and across Vietnam, performing in local festivals as well as makeshift venues, from big cities to remote areas. Last but not least, our process almost always includes open-format workshops to introduce art as an accessible form of storytelling and/or to raise awareness on certain social issues

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